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Planted, the silver fir

  • I am so happy you get to take home a little piece of the seabirds dream. I hope it brings comfort and wonder to your home.

    A few notes: 

    Your artwork is backlit by led lights. 

    With your artwork you will receive a remote control, which enables you to control your lights in any way you feel inspired. The number 8 makes the lights stay still, but you can have them move, fade in and out, and strobe. You can dim them, and turn them off and on 

    this way. The only things you will have to maintain are batteries-both in the remote, and the case installed in the canvas. I keep my pieces unlit during the day, and as the day fades, I turn them on. I make sure to turn them off before I go to sleep. However, they can make a very cozy nightlight. Just know that the longer you keep them on, the more often you’ll have to replace them. I have tried using rechargeable batteries but honestly they did not seem to last long. 

    Finally, in order to change the batteries you will need to carefully take the artwork down and open the little plastic case. Take out the old batteries and put the new ones in. If the plastic case happens to come off a new dose of hot glue will reaffix it!

    Love, Pixie

    Please enquire by email if you need this shipped.

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