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A few years ago, when the world went into lockdown, I also lost everything I knew. The world as I knew it went up in flames, and something in me died. 

So, as we always must do, I had to make something from the ashes of my life. 

This is The Seabirds Dream, an idea born in Ireland years ago and now finally manifested in its true form. I used to fall asleep in the fields when I painted there, and from that dreamworld I was gifted a vision of that glowing layer of life right below the surface. 

What we see isn’t the only reality. There are veins of energy that are the true magic and heartbeat of the world.  Each time I placed a pattern on the canvas was a prayer. Each one an altar to my grief. Each one has softened. They glow. 

I offer to you my healing, the alchemical process of turning the darkness into light.

The Seabirds Dream


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