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Hey there

My name is jessica pixie

I am a symbolist folk artist. I write, create, and take inspiration from the not so secret magic of the world. 



  I believe the natural world dreams. 

My work is about what is underneath and within.. I am always in collaboration with energies unseen.

My mediums are fibers, paint, and light.

I translate grief; my intent not to erase pain, but to integrate it and find beauty in the wreckage.

My close friend Rudo and I have a podcast called the Magic Hour Dreamcast .

I send out a newsletter each month, which you can sign up for at the bottom of this page.

Finally, please also check out my substack A Misty Twilight- for some more in depth writings

I look forward to working with you.

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Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment


love notes

"Pixie's art is really pleasing and comforting to be around. It has a presence, a little hum and whir to the pieces. Or a sigh...or an ocean's beat. They smell amazing, and feel amazing. It's therapeutic to have a piece made by her and through her work the space they reside in becomes more sacred."

Rudo Greissworth

Pixie’s artwork is transformative and gentle. These things do not always go together. She uses shapes from nature that almost seem ready to undulate, grow, or wrap me up in a hug. The colors and tones are soothing and just a bit consistently magical. Sometimes through familiar natural patterns, sometimes through familiar natural symbols such as animals, or sometimes just with the almost-alive sense from space, shape, and color, there is always spirit in this artwork. The real light and dark, full and empty is always present. There is a sweetness but also a balance, a truth, and a connection to both the connection and empty spaces of living in this realm. Pixie’s art honors that while brushing up against other realms.

Vanessa Wood



"There's something so comforting about Jessica's art. Each one is like a magic spell to  bring healing, whimsy, and everyday blessings. It's the sort of art that transports one into a sacred space where the land breathes and magic thrives."

Caitlin Gemmell